Thursday, January 17, 2013

Just Follow the Inauguration Signs

The last minute touches are going up. Anywhere you look you are reminded of what is about to happen on Monday. The usual federal holiday day off signs are located at all exits of the Library. If you are fortunate enough to have an admission ticket there are signs on every lamp post showing you the way. If you are looking for metro, there are signs for that too. These special concoctions are embellished with a scripted 57th Presidential Inauguration reminder. Since we live on Capitol Hill the dreaded emergency no parking posters hang on every available tree. No parking begins at 12:00 AM on Saturday morning and ends on Monday at 11:30 PM. Heaven help you if you need to move your car after Friday night. Since we have no tickets to the event and the entire neighborhood will be secured, our walking options are quite limited. We'll probably end up somewhere near the Washington Monument 14 blocks away. I think we'll wander around this weekend and see what's up. The weathermen are calling for clouds and temps in the thirties. Watching the whole thing on TV is sounding better and better - just like when we lived in Milwaukee.

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