Monday, January 21, 2013

The Inauguration,the Mall Grass, and a View From the Couch

We decided to stay inside today after spending the last two days wandering around the Mall, the White House, and Pennsylvania Avenue. Over the last several months, the grass on the Mall was totally replaced and a new watering system was installed. So to protect this huge investment, a protective floor was put in place to preserve it. Yesterday we saw the practice run of the truck that will be taping the parade route along Pennsylvania Avenue. My friend made it in plenty of time to the airport because there was absolutely no traffic on the freeway - but there were loads of pedestrians crossing overhead to get to the swearing in ceremony. There was more than typical foot traffic in front of our house this morning, but nothing compared to four years ago. Back then, we ended up standing like freezing packed sardines by the Washington Monument. We had a front row seat in our living room today, stayed warm and actually saw what was going on. It feels weird to know all of this is happening just two blocks away. Today I feel like I'm living more in Milwaukee than Washington DC. I had this urge to walk over to see the parade, but the route to reach it would take us forever to get there on time. So I'll just enjoy the rest of the day off and watch it from my couch.

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