Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Amazon Saves the Day - USPS Doesn't

We really dislike the postal service. Delivery is sketchy at best. There are at least two instances that our building did not receive mail delivery. We complained, and it really doesn't make any difference. On the other hand, we rarely, if ever, have issues with UPS. In fact, we wrote letters of commendation for a particular UPS delivery person in our neighborhood. He not only enters the building, but goes to the specific unit to deliver a package rather than leave it in the common mail area. But I really want to extend cudos to Amazon. We were expecting a package on Sunday when we received notice that it wasn't delivered because no one was at home. We were not only at home, we saw no truck, and there was no notice left to reschedule. So I contacted Amazon to complain about the USPS service in this area, and they shouldn't use USPS for delivery. Within an hour, we received a response from Amazon in the most customer friendly terms, and that they would credit our shipping cost for the inconvenience. We also rescheduled our package delivery for the next day - before 11 AM. Did it arrive before 11 AM? Of course not. It did, however, arrive with the rest of the mail in the afternoon.  All I can say is one company is quite successful while the other continues to make excuses for terrible service. I don't know if it's because we live in DC because we never had issues with the post office in Milwaukee regardless of the ice, sleet, blizzards, and snow. All I know is Amazon is wonderful, and they stand by their customers. 

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