Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Storms, Hail, and Downed Trees

It started last night around eleven o'clock in the evening. The lightning just wouldn't stop. Then the wind gusts started and the torrential rains followed. The rain turned to hail the size of marbles and golf balls - I thought they would break our tiny glass patio table. It was scary enough. I don't like that sort of thing, although I know a lot of people who thrive on it! Then all the phones rang out with emergency flash flood warnings. You just knew there had to be some collateral damage, and this morning's walk showcased the outcome. It was thankfully a bit cooler than usual these last several days. Rather than being near 90 at 9:30, it was only in the 80's with lower humidity - one nice side effect? Our house sustained a broken downspout, and someone said their kitchen flooded. Near our house were a couple of downed very large trees - one of them smashing a car and both closing the streets. The sidewalks were filled with plant debris that will eventually clutter up the sewer system. I don't remember the weather being this horrible in Milwaukee where we lived for thirty years. And I don't ever recall hearing about DC having such storms, and earthquakes, and blizzards - only since we've been here the last ten years. I'm sure it could have been worse. But at night especially, it's just not my cup of tea. 

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