Monday, February 27, 2017

Zazzle Website Issue Unresolved

I set up a Zazzle shop a couple of years ago. It's called LITDigitalArt and it's an opportunity to showcase my digital artwork. The images I create on my iPad are uploaded on the website and all the products that are a available on Zazzle become custom art options for purchase. I am impressed by the fact that my items have actually been found - out of the millions out there - and purchased. I never had any difficulty working with the program to create new options when I first started it. But for the last year or more, the website just wouldn't work. I couldn't create any new products with fresh images and it didn't matter if I used my iPad or my laptop. I kept getting error messages without any sort of explanation. So I finally sent an email message with the documented error message, and received a response saying the technical team was advised and are working to solve the problem and to be patient. It's been a week and nothing has happened. I've requested a status update and have not received one. Perhaps I am just impatient, they can't figure out what the problem is, or worse. It is frustrating not to know. Sometimes all it takes is a simple update, even if the issue has not yet been resolved. That's how I used to communicate when I was working. It sure avoided a lot of bad feelings.

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