Saturday, June 25, 2011

Army Band Concert on the Capitol Steps

Every summer, the Armed Forces bands take turns playing on the Capitol steps on Friday evening at 8PM. It was the perfect night last night for such an occasion. We strolled over and took our favorite seats by the fountain in front of the Capitol Building. The security fences and main stage for the July 4th concert are already up, or still up from Memorial Day. For some reason, we typically hear the Army Band. This night it was Pershing's tunes. I prefer something a little more popular, but the scenery and atmosphere cannot be matched. It's a very different vibe from the holiday celebrations. We never went to any free concerts in Milwaukee that I can remember, and I'm certain that we could not have walked over to them.
Getting set up before the concert
The ever present Capitol Police

Our favorite seats shared with visitors

The Band Leader

A large crowd on the Capitol steps

The logistics are amazing

A lot of the locals bring their blankets and enjoy the sights & sounds

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