Monday, June 20, 2011

There's No Place Like Home

Whether we lived in Milwaukee or Washington DC, we were always so happy to be back home. And that is the case again. We just completed a 10 day trip to Copenhagen, Denmark. The highlight of the trip was being with our niece and her husband, who live there; and another niece who joined us from Sweden. The kindness and loving environment that we experienced is more than anyone could ever ask for. This trip was exceptional because the company we kept there was even more exceptional. We are so proud and happy to know them! Now I need to prepare to return to work tomorrow. That's always a tough thing to do. I'm hopeful that I can maintain my vacation spirit throughout the week, as I have jury duty starting Thursday. So, is Denmark the happiest place on earth? I'm still thinking on it.
From the canals of Copenhagen to the every day life on Capitol Hill

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