Sunday, June 12, 2011


Sunset is around 11 PM. Sunrise is before 4 AM. And of course our
room is on the side that gets the early morning sun. If you don't wear
the blindfold it is impossible to sleep. And with the blindfold it's
impossible to sleep. And of course the head of the bed is facing the
sun's glare. I would have put the bed facing the opposite wall but
that would make too much sense. Thank goodness I brought my pillow. It
has been just about everywhere. Our bedroom at home also gets the
early morning light but it's not at 4 AM and we have a shade on the
window dark enough to block it out. Don't ask about the bathroom
ventilation or air handling system. Americans complain too much or do
they just expect more? My husband just told me his blindfold works
well. He brought his from the US. Mine are from here, are too tight,
and I need to wear two because they don't hide the light. I think I'll
steal his tonight.

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