Sunday, October 9, 2016

A 5,600 mile road trip ends - back to reality!

We left two weeks ago for a cross country road trip to California and back. We returned last evening without any incident. We both slept the best we have since we left. But we both feel very disoriented! But reality set in this morning. We needed to load up on groceries after finding a place for brunch. We decided to skip our usual morning walk because we simply had too much to do. We went to McLean Family Restaurant, then used our 20% grocery discount coupon at Safeway that we got when we had our flu shots, stopped at the gas station for another fill, washed clothes, updated all the apple devices with new software, cut the fall flowers and greens to create a welcome home environment, paid the bills, and just sat down. Now the thousands of photos are streaming on to my iPad from my iphone, my blogger app doesn't work, I need to make eye appointments tomorrow, and write some thank you notes. There is something exciting about taking vacations, but something soothing about getting back in to a routine. It's one of the longest trips we have ever taken and probably won't happen again. But it was all worth it!

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