Sunday, October 16, 2016

Hampton Inns Are Our Favorite

IWe have been using Hampton Inns for over thirty years. I'm not sure how or why we started to go there, but once we did, we just liked them. They were reasonably priced, clean, and available. When we decided to take a two week road trip to California and back this month, I downloaded the Hilton Honors app because I knew I would be needing it every day to book a room in advance. After the first day it became obvious that every one else was traveling at this time and things were filling up quickly, and the app made it a lot easier to manage the details. Aside from that, I would start to accumulate honors points that might one day turn in to a free night's stay. Needless to say, all the locations and Inns we stayed in were really nice, with the exception of one. It was in Flagstaff Arizona. We actually prefer to stay outside of a major city to avoid all the hassles of driving in to a mess.  But aside from that, this particular inn was really run down. We were in a "basement" room, with a very old heating system, and it felt overall really yucky. I decided to comment about it since all the other places were so nice. Unexpectedly, we received an email from Brian, who apologized for the room and offered a full refund, which we accepted. This isn't the reason we like Hampton Inn, but we now like it even more. Thanks Brian for your attention to our feedback.

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