Friday, October 21, 2016

The Dulles Unexpected Side Trip

We travel to Dulles airport whenever we need to catch a flight overseas. Occasionally we have taken friends there on their way to a trip overseas. Last week we took a spin to Middleburg Virginia for a ride to see a plantation site, and check up on the seasonal changes throughout the charming countryside. On the way back, we stopped in Leesburg to check out a property we were once interested in, and found ourselves caught on the wrong way street to Dulles airport instead of Washington. The GPS system in our Subaru is quite weird, and we rely more on Google maps. But in this case,  neither one of us got it right. So we drove toward the terminal and it was PACKED on a Saturday afternoon. We typically leave on Thursday evenings when we do fly from there, and it is never that busy. The construction is moving along for the metro to finally make its way all the way to this final destination, but that is a long way off. After passing by the departing gates, we finally got back on track to Washington. It's odd to go to an airport when you don't have to. It added another twenty minutes to the ride home. But since we didn't need to be anywhere, it hardly made any difference.

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