Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Abilene, Yorba Linda, and Little Rock

We have been to several presidential libraries over the years, but never three within a week. Many years ago for a cousin's wedding, we visited the Kennedy Library in Massachusetts. Years later we passed through Independence Missouri to see Truman's place. In Hyde Park, New York we saw FDR's library and home. On our recent road trip to California we stopped in Abeline Kansas to see the Eisenhower birthplace. We were in Gettysburg in the spring with friends from Milwaukee to see the Eisenhower farm. Now we understand the love for cattle! While in California, we went to Yorba Linda for Nixon - but it was under renovation so we only saw his birthplace house. It's reopening this week with the presidential helicopter. We wanted to see the Reagan library in Simi Valley, but it was quite a distance. On the way home, we stopped in Little Rock Arkansas and ran through the Clinton exhibits. Unfortunately, the side Special Event about the Beatles was just opening the next day! That probably would have been the most interesting of any of this! But being a student of history, it's a great way to get a grip on how things were and are, and how some things never change. I'm not sure when we will ever see the other places, but if we are anywhere in town, we would definitely stop in.

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