Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Baltimore Day Trip

We recently came back from a whirlwind roadtrip to California - just several thousand miles! Our friend needed to go to Baltimore for some personal business today so we decided to go together and make a day trip out of it. Before we left we contacted our daughter in law about a spot to have lunch. She is from there and knows all the ins and outs. So we got a few ideas and picked a Greek place downtown on the water called Ouzo Bay. We came in town on the scenic interstate, passed by Camden Yards, the tall ships, and the area on the water that reminds us a lot of Milwaukee. In fact, we stayed at Fells Point back in the 1980's when our son was attending Johns Hopkins and met his future bride. It was just beginnning it's renaissance as all the downtowns have lately. So we had lunch at Ouzu Bay, complete with crab cakes, and finished up with the real reason for going in the first place. The drive back was reminiscent of freeway driving in any large city at rush hour. I was happy when it was over! But the day itself was a good one. And we hope to go somewhere else in the very near future.

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