Sunday, October 23, 2016

TCM Traveltalks With James Kirkpatrick - the Capital City

After watching a movie on TCM last evening, we always stay tuned at the end to see what tidbit comes on. Traveltalks, with James Kirkpatrick, showcased the Capital City - Washington DC. What was interesting is that it was made in 1940. The landmarks all look the same, but the people, cars, streets and overall feel of the city was quite different compared to today. We think we saw our house as the Capitol building grounds were shown. After all, our house was built in the 1890's, long before the single House Office Building that we live near is seen on the film. Things were so much less congested, and the apparel of the day had a familiar style - obviously a lot more formal. Now that we have actually lived here over ten years now, it's always fun to see how the city is depicted in books and movies. My husband always says that it had to be impressive to see this back in the day if you had never been here before. These photos are taken from the movie off our TV screen. We found it quite entertaining.

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