Sunday, October 30, 2016

Marine Corps Marathon

It happens every year. But this October day was quite balmy at 63 degrees. The Marine Corps Marathon wraps itself around and through the city. My understanding is that it is one of the largest running events, has participants from all fifty states, and an additional fifty countries. We walked right in to it when we reached the Capitol, extending all the way down to the Washington monument, and across the other side of the mall passing by the museums and art galleries. But that was only a tiny section of the route, which is 26 miles. It sure passed the time away watching the variety of participants as well as spectators as we walked along with the runners around the mall. It's great to see so many "fit" people, but I just don't get running over walking. Regardless, it is a sight to see - probably even more so at the starting gate very early in the morning. I hope the enthusiasm of all the folks that gathered today continues throughout the year. That takes a lot of commitment.

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