Saturday, October 22, 2016

Bartholdi Park Update

We love walking through Bartholdi Park. When we first moved to DC, the beautiful fountain was being restored. It seemed to take forever to get it completed. Almost every walk we took ended up around there on the way back home. For the last several months, the park has been walled off for more renovation. So we haven't been able to walk through it most of the year. Then last week, the walls started to come down, and it looks as though it might finally be fully restored. Apparently, better lighting, more accessible pathways, rain gardens, additional seating, and a different variety of plants are included in the updates. For those who don't have a spot to sit outside on nice days, this is the place. On the Fourth of July, it's another area to watch the fireworks. Regardless of the reason for being there, it's another lovely garden to visit. Let's hope it doesn't need any more renovation for awhile.

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