Saturday, March 18, 2017

Clos du Bois Wine Deal at Safeway

We drink a half a glass of red wine every evening. It's a habit we have had for quite a while. We used to drink Clos du Bois Cabernet when we lived in the Midwest. Since we moved to DC ten years ago, it hardly mattered what brand or where we got the wine. Lately we had been going to the total wine store and looked for bottles in the ten dollar range. But since I've been going with my husband for grocery shopping, I've been noticing the prices of wine in Harris Teeter and Safeway. Plus it saves us from taking another trip to the wine store. Today when we were in Safeway in McLean to pick up some Tide high efficiency detergent for our LG washer/dryer combo, I noticed the Clos du Bois. It was originally marked at $19.99, reduced to $11.99 for a single bottle, and $9.99 if you get a set of six bottles. So we got the cardboard holder and filled it with six. At the register, we also got a 10 per cent discount for buying any six bottles. So what usually would be around $120 turned in to $60. And those six bottles will last a long time in our house. I asked my husband if he liked the taste, and he said yes. Me, on the other hand, can't really tell the difference. And the price was right.

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