Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Fragers Garden Gloves

The other day we cleaned out the shed on the patio. When you live in a small space, every inch counts. And we use just about every inch of our tiny condo living area. But things and junk still continue to accumulate no matter where you live. So it was time to give the heave ho to whatever we hadn't touched in over the last two years. That included painting materials and plastic covers, and ripped garden gloves. But unfortunately, some things need to be replaced. So on our morning walk we headed in the opposite direction that we normally take to Fragers hardware store. It's about twelve blocks away and a decent enough walk - but now we had a specific purpose. So we wandered about and found a huge selection and picked out a pair like the ones we had. They needed to be thick enough not to get stuck by Rose bush thorns, and strong enough to withstand digging in the dirt. Now we need to get cracking on the in door closets. There is stuff in there we haven't used for even longer periods of time. We just need to find the energy to do it!

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