Tuesday, March 14, 2017

DC Snow and Ice - Stay Away!

One of the reasons we left the Midwest was to escape the winter months that lasted just about all year long. We left behind a lot of our winter wardrobe. That was a big mistake. So I thought it was a miracle that we had little to no snow here in DC this year - until today. Though it's not the blizzard we had last year, nor the two feet we had a couple of years back, it's still snow and ice. So I was hesitant to walk out in it this morning because I really like my bones intact. But my husband convinced me that it would be a long day if we stayed cooped up in the house. So we did our usual route to the mall. The spring student tours were still in full swing with one individual literally wearing four inch heels. That I will never understand. Most of the museums were closed due to inclement weather and the federal workforce had a three hour delay. I still think about having to get to and from work on these lousy days, but luckily I can ignore it since I am now retired. There were a few kids sledding down the front of the Capitol. All the blooming trees and flowers were iced up - poor cherry blossoms!  Before we got in to the house my husband wanted to clear off the car. So I watched him. Now that it's over I'm glad we went - but I dislike it all the same.

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