Saturday, March 4, 2017

Safeway Angel Food Cake

When I was working, my husband always did the grocery shopping. He went whenever he liked. For whatever reason, Thursday has now become the grocery shopping day. It's senior Thursday, so the prices are cut just a bit. And I usually go with him now. However, this past Thursday was a disappointment in that Harris Teeter didn't have angel food cake, and the ginger ale wasn't on sale. So after breakfast today in McLean, we went across the street to the Safeway to check on the items we missed. They usually have better bread selections too. And there they were...when you walk in the door, the angel food cake was sitting by the straw berries. I have loved Angel food cake since I was small, and strawberry shortcake remains a favorite. And since I love cake, Angel food fits the bill in both texture and calories. The cakes taste a bit different from either place, but the one obvious change is the size of the container over the years. It keeps getting smaller and smaller regardless of where we find it, but the price remains the same or goes up - surprise! But it was worth checking out Safeway and getting ginger ale and bread too. One day for grocery shopping a week is enough, but we can make an exception for important things like this.

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