Thursday, March 9, 2017

Exotic Fruit and Cacao at the US Botanic Garden

The other day we walked by the US Botanic Garden and stopped in to see the exhibit "You Can Grow it!" But you can never walk to any exhibit in this lovely place without first passing through the main entrance area. There are always beautiful water features surrounded by seasonal plantings. At Christmas time all the DC national landmark buildings and monuments made out of plant material surround the space. So walking to and on the way out we promenaded around the fountain to observe what was on display now. And there were the many bunches of bananas, and papaya, and cacao - that's the one my husband liked the most. There is something very serene and pretty with the sunlight flickering through the glass top. Typically there are school kids taking a tour, and oftentimes there are artists making a go of it. We've been visiting this place long before we moved here ten years ago, and every time we come back it feels like the first time.

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