Friday, March 3, 2017

Rock n Roll Marathon in our backyard

I remember last year at this time it was a real pain trying to get out of town. The Rock N Roll marathon was on and the path it takes is too close for comfort. It's hard enough to find parking in this urban neighborhood, but always worse when there are special events. And when the events are actually taking place, all the streets get blocked off and it is near impossible to find a way around it. So this week a pamphlet was left on the mail shelf in our condo to remind us that the marathon is scheduled for March 11. That means the street behind us will be completely unavailable if you plan to get out and go anywhere. If you plan to walk to your destination it's not a problem. But on a Saturday, we usually head out to Mclean for breakfast and errands. That is probably one of the things I miss most about living in the Midwest. We had a two car garage, two cars, and driveway and another slab for outside parking. We never had to think twice about where we might find a place to park, and there were never marathons in our neighborhood. But, you did have to shovel that sucker in the winter. So, in the end, one car and no garage is what we have now. Most of the time it works out okay, but sometimes it is quite annoying.

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