Monday, March 13, 2017

Spring and Nowruz

With the threat of a winter storm coming this evening, it's hard to believe that spring is almost here. The poor cherry blossoms are threatened by the last gasp of winter. I should have known that we couldn't possibly get away with no snow for once! It is better than the Midwest, but I'm not a fan of ice, cold, and blizzards. So I was pleasantly reminded of spring over the weekend when someone purchased a digital image of Nowruz from my Etsy shop. Most of my work is Custom Pet portraits, but I also have a few downloadable art images from my travels, sights in the DC neighborhood, and holidays. The Nowruz haftsin table display is very Persian, and I made one from a photo from my niece, and two versions of a setting we saw at the Library of Congress Middle Eastern division. I worked at the Library for ten years and we still oftentimes go there for a variety of programs. Anyway, it's always a treat when someone thinks enough of your art to buy a copy of it, or to request a custom portrait. I never know how they will turn out, and it's a great way to spend the afternoon. Thanks so much for the reminder.

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