Monday, March 27, 2017

Martin's Tavern in Georgetown

We wanted to check out a couple of furniture shops and Restoration Hardware in Georgetown, and we thought a Monday morning would be the best day and time to check them out. We are turning our 70x75 inch closet in to a tiny bedroom, and are looking for accessories like throws, mirrors, and tiny tables. Avoiding a hassle is my aim in life, so we found a two hour parking spot just two blocks away from Martin's Tavern. I don't recall how we stumbled upon it in the first place, but it's been at least five years since we've been to this restaurant. Starting out the excursion with breakfast was a great idea. So we settled in to a booth, and the French onion soup was served, followed by French toast and eggs. The place has been around since 1933 and is on Wisconsin Avenue. It is noted as the site where John Kennedy proposed to Jackie, and was a favorite of several past presidents. We thoroughly enjoyed it as it was not packed at this time of the day. I'm not sure when we will go back, but we were glad we made the trek. As for the furniture excursion? It was sort of a bust - which is why we think we haven't been there in five years.

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