Monday, March 20, 2017

Tulips Replace the Orchids in the Wall Vase

In a tiny space it is still nice to have fresh flowers in the room. We used to have a vase of flowers on our kitchen island all the time when we lived in the Midwest. But since we moved to DC, that has not been the case. But in our tiny place we decided a wall vase would be the perfect solution for adding a bit of color year round, and experiment with different flowers and arrangements. It is the perfect spot at Christmas time to add just enough greeenry and even lights to the corner. In the summer I add my own garden flowers which makes it even more meaningful. A few weeks ago we added an orchid, and it actually bloomed all the way down to the last bud. Last week the remaining petals fell to the floor. So while we were grocery shopping I picked up a bunch of red tulips and some greens. So this week it is tulip week - just in time for spring and Persian new year - Nowruz. We really like living in this tiny space and don't miss the fuss and time it takes to keep a big house running. And this little bit of added color hits the spot!

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