Thursday, March 2, 2017

Shark Iron - Who Irons Anymore?

I just got three skirts from LLBean. They came wrapped in a plastic package and when they are unfolded, there is a crease line in the material. I could walk around with a crease line,  but that would be tacky. Even as a retired person I still have standards! Aside from that, I have a couple more skirts that are too big to wear. So I decided to wash them and leave them in the dryer for a bit to see if they might shrink. I didn't want to ruin them by drying them completely, so I hung the half dried skirts to air dry. And of course, they were left puckered along the seams. What that meant was I would need to bring out the iron and the ironing board - something I haven't done for ages. We used to have a lovely mud room in our Midwest home with all the laundry needs in one spot. Here, because we are in such a tiny space, we have a tiny folded ironing board that we keep on the top shelf of the laundry closet that houses the LG combo washer/dryer. So I took out the tiny ironing board and put it on the kitchen table, filled the shark iron with water, and did my best. While I was at it I ironed out the creases on my LLBean multicolored summer shirts. I'm hoping the big skirts might fit better now, and the new skirts aren't too tight. Regardless, I hope I don't have to bring out the iron too many more times. It all feels so archaic. And you better watch for the retracting cord on that iron - it could seriously do some damage!

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