Thursday, April 6, 2017

DC Office of Tax and Revenue Windfall

A couple of days ago we received a hard copy letter in the mail from the DC Office of Tax and Revenue. It isn't something you generally look forward to for obvious reasons. But when we opened the note, the explanation was that we overpaid in 2016, and we would be getting a refund because there was a change in an exemption. This seemed odd because our accountant is up to date on all things taxes, so we sent him a copy. He reassured us that his software clearly articulates any change, and that he would address the issue with the DC office. Of course, all of this was more in jest than serious because the huge check we received in the mail a couple days later was for a grand total of seven dollars. I'm all for getting the money I am owed,  but it must cost a lot more than seven dollars to process the entire transaction including manpower, postage and supply costs. As soon as we got it I scanned it in to the bank account. I hope we don't have the same issue in 2017. But I guess it keeps someone employed.

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