Thursday, April 20, 2017

Ginkgo House Plant and Container

We just turned our 70x76 inch closet space in to a "monk's room" in our studio apartment. It is just big enough to squeeze in a twin size rollaway bed. So our visiting guests can use either the double size wall bed in the main living space, or the cozy bedroom with a large window. In order to make it even more cheerful and bright, we went to Ginkgo Gardens in the neighborhood in search of a container and house plant. There are still two large storage shelves and a clothes rod in the room. They are still used by us for out of the way storage on the top shelf, by guests for extra pillows on the first shelf, and the rod for hanging clothes. Gingko's always has interesting items, and we found the perfect black and white pot that goes along with the black and white throw and pillow. But to make the room "pop" we went for a lovely bright green philodendron plant. It all goes with the Persepolis digital art print that I painted, and the battery operated undercounter light shows the tiny space off in the evening. Now all I need is a wall clock for the foot of the bed, and perhaps the black out shade that we have on all the other windows. It all looks so much nicer than the closet - and is certainly more functional!

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