Monday, April 3, 2017

National Gallery of Art

Neither my husband nor I are Museum people. We don't make it a habit of visiting art museums in particular. If we do visit museums, I prefer the American history museum, or places with textiles and clothing that show how people dressed over time. However, whenever we have visitors and guests from out of town we frequently end up at art museums. So I try to make it light for myself and focus on parts of paintings that seem more whimsical and colorful rather than the whole piece of work in total. So when we went to the national gallery of art - east side this weekend, I found several items that were appealing to me. And, it's always nice to know someone else is having a nice time enjoying something they really like. I can say that it hardly matters which museum anyone goes to, it is hard on the knees, back and feet walking on the hard floors, stopping, and stopping. In the end we always have a good time, and there is always something memorable about the visit.

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