Saturday, April 22, 2017

IKEA Soknedal Wall Mirror

When we went to find some 12x12 inch mirror tiles at IKEA for the new "monk's room," my husband was enamored with the Soknedal wall mirror. I didn't think it was the right fit for the tiny bedroom, but he liked the style. The little room needed a frameless mirror to reflect the huge window across it,  not something with a frame and shelf. So we ended up getting both, and it worked out well. After we picked the mirror up from the self service warehouse, we were on our way. The mirror came in a flat box and needed to be put together. That wasn't the hard part. The hard part was hanging it on the wall in a great living room space right outside the tiny bedroom. Since it is a brick outside wall, we didn't have the tools to drill in the screws. So we called our handy man who came immediately to help. It took a couple tries to get it straight, but it really adds to the space. We finally now have a tray for my husband to keep his keys on during the day. Anything we get for this tiny space needs to be functional. But it also helps when it looks nice.

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