Saturday, April 1, 2017

National Museum of Women in the Arts

I am not one for art museums, but whenever we have out of town guests they are usually on the agenda. So yesterday my cousin was interested in seeing the National Museum of Women in the Arts. Since it was a dreadful rainy day, we drove over to the place and found a parking spot right at the front door. Unlike the Smithsonian museums, you have to pay to get in to this one. It was originally a Masonic temple. So we wandered about for a bit. There were some pieces of interest, but my husband and I found it a bit uninspiring. There were a couple of school groups taking a tour, and many of them seemed quite bored. So I was happy to leave and move on to the tidal basin where the outside seems so much prettier to me in spite of the lack of sunshine. We found a parking spot right by the FDR Memorial and strolled about - with hardly anyone around! That was most unexpected during cherry blossom season. I suppose it is good to see both places, but my preference is definitely outside of the museum!

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