Monday, April 17, 2017

IKEA Lots Self Adhesive Mirror Tiles

The We just turned our 76x70 inch closet in to a "monk's room." It is in a very bright space because it sits at the front of the house and has a large window. But since it is so tiny - just enough to fit a twin size rollaway bed - a mirror on the wall was in order. So I searched the Internet for options. I didn't want it to be too much of a statement - gilded and prominent frames wouldn't do, nor too expensive. I wasn't sure about the shape either. When I came across mirror tiles, it sounded intriguing. There were a few brands out there, but the tiles from IKEA came with their own self adhesive stickies. Rather than order on line, we drove out to Maryland's IKEA and found exactly what we were looking for. We got three packs of four tiles at 12 inches square for less than $10 a pack. When I got home I followed the instructions, written in about twenty languages, and started with the first tile in the top row in the middle and worked my way down using nine tiles in total. It ended up looking quite splendid for the space. The tiny room just looks cleaner and brighter with just the right accent. So far none of the tiles have fallen off the walls! They stuck rather well and look rather good!

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