Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Borzoi Portrait Request

It came all the way from California. Someone wrote to my Etsy shop asking about a print of one of the Borzoi portraits I painted. She said she didn't know anything about computers or downloading and wondered if she could purchase a print. I usually don't print and mail hard copies because the purpose of digital art is that is just what it is. I hand paint the custom image on my iPad and send it to the customer by email with a jpeg image attached. Or, there are prints available for immediate download. Then they create whatever they want out of the image - coffee mugs, framed prints, canvases, etc.  Because Borzoi is our favorite breed, and our Tatiana was the muse for several of my paintings - including the New Yorker Eustace Tilley contest winner one year - I felt obligated to send to her a couple of the images. So I did. She thanked me profusely. She said she has been saving pictures of Borzoi for a long time and has always dreamed of having one. I know the feeling. We miss our Tatiana, but at least I can say we were thrilled to have her for all the years that we did. Maybe it's time for a other one?

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