Monday, May 8, 2017

The Tile Shop

We are thinking about updating our bathroom. We have lived in our tiny condo for over ten years and the space needs updating. The bathtub needs to go and the walls need to be covered with tile. When we lived in the Midwest we re did every room in the house. But we had a wonderful designer who helped every step of the way. Here, we have to go it alone. I'm not so much in to the go it alone approach. I'd rather have someone else suggest a couple of things and then we make a selection. On the advice of our son, who just completed a massive warehouse turned loft renovation, we visited the Tile Shop to get some ideas on what materials to use. As soon as we walked in to the store it was completely overwhelming. We walked around a bit and left. This tiny bathroom we are re doing is only 53x72 inches - smaller than the closet we just turned in to a monk's room. There really aren't a lot of options. It hardly needs any material at all. We need some help. Can't I just wave the magic wand and make it happen?

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