Friday, May 19, 2017

Next Day Blinds Not Quite Right

We turned our 70x76 inch storage closet in to a tiny bedroom, making our studio apartment in to a one bedroom! It has a huge window in it that really brightens up the space and makes it so much larger than it is. The wall of mirrors and high ceilings also adds to the size. The window already has honeycomb shades that provide privacy, but the window also faces the outside streetlight that brings in much too much light to sleep in. Additionally, the blackout shade provides extra insulation in winter and a decorative trim on the top of the window. So we revisited Next Day Blinds to install the same black out shades we have on all the other wondows. The only difference is that this window would have a dark shade rather than the lighter neutral which they no longer have in stock. When the technician came yesterday to install the shade, the cord was too long for the space, so it needs to be replaced. It was also hung not quite level because the blind doesn't hang right when pulled down. He also left a part of the equipment. He promised they would call us in the morning about a re do. We haven't heard anything yet. All that means is another day wasted sitting around for someone to arrive. Thank goodness we aren't working anymore and can schedule the inconvenience. But this sort of thing should be done right the first time.

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