Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Skyline Drive Misadventure

When we first moved to DC from the Midwest over ten years ago, we took a ride to Skyline Drive in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It was during the summer, so we could at least see the sights, but were disappointed that we didn't see any animals - until the end when we saw a bear cub running across the street. So it was worth the trip. We also purchased a senior park pass that allows you to visit a lot of these places without haveing to pay. So when we drove to Mount Crawford Virginia with our friend this past weekend, we decided we should try taking Skyline Drive again on our way back to DC. Of course, we didn't have our park pass on us, so we had to pay $10 for the carload. We entered about midway along the path. From the minute we got on the skyway, we couldn't see a thing. It was so cloudy and/or foggy, and drizzly, we were lucky to even see the road in front of us. There may have been a few wild flowers around, but it ended up being a total bust. There was a lot of activity and hikers in spite of the foul conditions. So we haven't had very much luck on Skyline Drive. We see more wild life in our urban neighborhood than we do in the wilderness. At least it's something to talk about.

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