Monday, May 1, 2017

Garden Weasel at Fragers

We have a small patio garden with a bit of grass. A little patch was sodded two years ago and since then has deteriorated. So we thought we might want to fill it in and decided to make a trip to Fragers. We looked at the section with all the grass seed, a picked up a bag of something. Usually in these situations I ask someone to help us just to make sure we are selecting the right item. While we were there, my husband decided a garden weasel was needed to till the soil a bit. No one would bother us on our walk home with a garden weasel in hand! When we got home, my husband was eager to use the weasel, but we discovered the grass seed was really lawn food. I suppose it was a good thing to have to prepare the area, as well as add to the rest of the patchy grass. But now we will have to take another trip. But this time we will head to American plant because we also need a couple of cucumber plants and some flowers to fill in the bare spots...and of course, the grass seed. This time we better talk to someone to make sure we get what we need. These are the sorts of things I would prefer someone else do, and for good reason.

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