Friday, May 26, 2017

LU Cinnamon Sugar Spice Cookies

My husband loves cookies and candy - but not just any kind of cookies and candy. So I order a lot of it in bulk because he runs out of it so fast. Every few months the Amazon packages arrive filled with Bali's Best coffee assortment, Nips, and Werther's Original treats. We can find most of these items in the store, but the LU cookie assortment is quite limited. We have even asked Safeway store management to locate a particular type for us, but to no avail. So I ordered his favorite - LU Cinnamon Sugar Spice cookies on Amazon. I have ordered them before and they arrived in no time. But for whatever reason, this shipment took three weeks! One usually tries to avoid gettting packages whenever a vacation is planned. This wasn't the case, but what if it was? So I contacted the source about ten days past the order date and received notice that the cookies would be shipping soon, and a thank you for our patience. It would be another ten days before they finally arrived, and the tracking slip was still not updated routinely. My husband opened the package with a lot of enthusiasm when it finally arrived. But he had to admit that the cookies were kind of "stale" but it really didn't matter to him. I'm not sure where these treats originally came from, but the box had a New York return address. It felt more like overseas somewhere. This may be the last time we go after these LU cookies. So yesterday we got tiny cookie sized cinnamon buns. I much prefer those anyway - but he doesn't feel the same way. So now we have six boxes of stale cookies - and he will eat every last one.

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