Friday, May 12, 2017

Fine Art America Sale - Capitol Hill Rowhouse

I have been painting digital art, using my iPad, for the last seven years. I have an Etsy shop called LITDigitalPaintings where I do almost all commission work primarily of Pet portraits. A gallery of my pet portraits is located at the Wagtime shop on Capitol Hill. I also have a Fine Art America shop where I post completed digital art as well as photographs that I take. Yesterday I received notification from Fine Art America that someone in Aurora, Colorado purchased a print of my Capitol Hill rowhouse digital art painting. It's one thing to have someone request a portrait, but something else all together when someone purchases a print because they like what they see. It's also nice because I don't need to do anything - the painting is already uploaded on the site and the product the customer wants is created from it. Several things can be created from the file from the traditional mat and frame to iPhone cases to towels and pillows. I really appreciate that someone took the time to look at my paintings. And that house on Capitol Hill used to belong to our son and his family. That painting has more meaning than just another rowhouse.

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