Saturday, May 6, 2017

IKEA LOT Mirror Tiles

About a month ago we decided to turn our 70x76 inch closet in to a tiny bedroom or "monk's room." To make it appear larger and reflect the light from the huge window, I looked for a suitable mirror for the space. I ended up going to IKEA to get the LOT mirror tiles. I liked the idea of something plain,  inexpensive, and easy to install. Plus the tiles came with the sticky pads that adhere to the back of the tiles to hang on the wall. I thought 9 tiles in the shape of a square would look good, and had three tiles left over. Tiles comes in packs of four. Over the last week I decided a more rectangular configuration would look better on the wall considering that the room has very high ceilings to support the extra foot of mirror. So I retrieved the three tiles and added them above the top of the existing mirror. And it does look nicer and fits the space better. It is remarkable what small things like this can do for a room - even if it's a closet turned in to a bedroom.

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