Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Scotchgard 3M Fabric Protector

When we turned our storage closet in to a tiny bedroom, we put in a rollaway bed. We liked the idea that it was on wheels and could be moved out if needed. But what it was missing was a headboard of some kind. So I searched for wall mounted cushioned headboards and found a solution with four fabric tiles. I really wanted a leather headboard, but couldn't find any that were tufted with a button to give it a bit more dimension. So rather than wait for the newly installed fabric headboard to get dirty, I decided that we needed to treat it with Scotchgard - something I think I learned from my mother many years ago. I don't know if it will make any difference, but it makes me feel better. So when we found a spray can of it at the grocery store the other day, I treated the headboard to a couple of coats of the stuff. You are supposed to retreat the area annually. I will probably forget. But of course, soon after, I did find another headboard option that does come in leather, but it is much taller and perhaps too large for the small space. So we will see how this approach fares. It probably won't get a lot of use, but I'd like it to look just perfect.

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