Saturday, May 27, 2017

Crate and Barrel Drinking Glasses

When we lived in the Midwest, we had three types of dinnerware - every day,  better than every day, and china for special occasions. Along with those sets were a variety of glasses and stemware. Since we moved to DC from the Midwest over ten years ago, we didn't bring any of those pieces with us. We ended up getting four pieces of the white every day dinnerware that matched the set our kids had who lived just down the street. That way, we could borrow whatever we needed. We rarely did need much more. But when it comes to glasses, that's another story. We had four of the small tumbler glasses from Crate and Barrel. When one of those breaks, it needs to get replaced. So we took a ride to Crate and Barrel and headed to the glass section. But we couldn't find what we wanted in the "bar" section. We didn't want to get another set of something. We wanted to match what we had. So we checked out another "barware" area, and there they were. And we liked the price even more - $1.95 each. So rather than replace just the one, we got three more so we have six in all. It's not often that we entertain in our small space, but now we are better prepared!

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