Monday, December 3, 2012

Hill Rag Wall Art and My Classified Ad

Every month I look forward to getting the new Hill Rag. We generally pick up the latest issue from the corner newsstand by Capitol South Metro. I always love to see what will be on the cover, as each issue is distinctly different, seasonal, and highlights local and not so local artists. We use the cover art in our TV room space to add a splash of color. Additionally, I've had a classified ad running in the magazine since August. I've been doing a lot of digital art lately, thanks to the iPad. I have an Etsy shop called LITDigitalPaintings, my own website called, and a Facebook page called LIT Digital Art and Such. I've actually had a few custom commissions of my favorite subject - dogs. One came all the way from Oregon. This year I was one of the winners in the New Yorker's Eustace Tilley contest, and showed some art at the Library and at Clara Barton's National Historic Site. I'm still hoping one if these days I might have something on the cover of the Hill Rag. But it seems highly unlikely given the competition in the neighborhood. I'll keep my fingers crossed, and keep sending samples to the editors. The images I create are all sketched and painstakingly hand painted starting out with a blank canvas. The only difference is that it's just not as messy, and my finger is the brush.

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