Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Empty Halls of Christmas

Back in August I wrote a blog about the empty halls and streets of August. Since it is so dreadful outside I did not capture the empty streets today and passed maybe one poor soul on my way home for lunch. The streets were deserted and the restaurants were empty. But I hardly looked up from under my umbrella as the mix of rain, sleet and snow was hitting it. I was reminded of Wisconsin for all the wrong reasons! When I took my usual afternoon walk around the halls it was even more obvious that a lot of folks were still celebrating or stuck in an airport somewhere. I felt like the only person in the building. I really enjoyed my holiday and having five days off. But that makes it even more difficult to get back in the saddle. Being surrounded by retired folks, school teachers and others who work from home makes me wonder even more why I am here. I don't mind work, just not this week.

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