Monday, December 24, 2012

Old Town Alexandria Christmas Eve

It seems every year on Christmas Eve we take a ride to Old Town Alexandria to see the decorations reminiscent of the era. Some are more authentic than others using fruit above the doorway, and plenty of green garlands along the stair rails. The cobblestone streets, the ironworks, the front door entryways that are level with the sidewalk, and the gas lights make for a charming atmosphere. It feels like everyone conforms to an unwritten rule to stay somewhat true to the city where George Washington had a townhouse that he would stay in on his way to Mount Vernon. Alexandria is one of my favorite places. We stayed at Morrison House one Christmas before we moved here from Milwaukee and visited it many times before that. Even through the raindrops it looks lovely and so appropriate for the season. I can't tell you how many drivers were irritated behind us whenever I asked my husband to slow down or stop to catch the perfect photo. He gets the prize for being the most patient and helps me capture the photos for the blog. Not sure what I would do without him, and this is the perfect time to be thankful.

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