Tuesday, September 10, 2013

An Item You Can't Live Without - the Grabber

Quite some time ago we went to Toys r Us and picked up a bunch of things a three year old might like to play with if and when we had babysitting duty. That was long before the iPad. But we found a plastic green laptop with a mouse that made a lot of noise, some furry soft objects, books, and an item that looked like it might be fun. All the other stuff is long gone, but the one item we thought would be entertaining for him has become one we cannot live without. What it does is pick up stuff when your arm is too fat or the object is too far away. Or in our case, when an object falls to the side of the washing machine that is wedged in to a tiny closet space. This thing has been a life saver - especially when you live in tight quarters. 

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