Saturday, September 7, 2013

White Clematis Weed

We thought the trumpet vine was a rare specimen at our Wisconsin home, and were lucky to have a few of the flowers bloom. Then we saw them growing like weeds all along the parkways here and were totally disenchanted. Our small patio garden is enclosed by a fence. On one side of the entry door of the fence is a vine that flowers in the spring with lovely little yellow blossoms. On the other side is a vine  that comes to life at the end of the summer. Throughout the summer it grows like a weed, and is cut back every few weeks, only to grow even more.  This year it reached all the way across and is now showering us with beautiful white little flowers. We also had this same type of clematis vine growing on a fence in the front yard of our Wisconsin home. It reminds me of snow, without being cold, and It has a lovely fragrance too. I suppose I never noticed it before, but this same vine is no stranger to the George Washington Parkway, where it runs rampant.  So much for thinking these are unusual plants for our garden here in DC. Maybe they were hyped that way in a colder climate, because the season was so short. The birds seem to like them no matter where they live, and for that, they are worth having around. 

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