Friday, September 6, 2013

Cedar Knoll Restaurant on the Potomac

Though not a favorite of my husband's, he acquiesced and decided it was time to return to one of my favorite spots for lunch today. It was picture perfect weather, and would be a nice drive along the George Washington Parkway to get there. Most folks chose to sit outside, but we preferred the indoors with a simply marvelous view of the Potomac River. It is a sort of hoaky place... an old kind of supper club feel. It reminds us of the Pine Knoll Supper Club in Wisconsin ... wonder why some kind of wood is typically in the name? Anyway, it is just a few minutes from Mount Vernon, another spot I really like to visit. I can just imagine George Washington passed by this way on his way home. In this place you can actually hear the other person talking compared to the usual screaming and loud chatter that drowns out any dinner conversation in the modern, poor acoustically fitted restaurants closer to town. The food is quite good, and by the end my husband was wondering why more people weren't there. Driving back, the quiet and solitude of the area was quickly transformed in to a busy marina on the other end of the river. It's nice to know you can escape to these settings if you are in the mood, and it only takes about twenty minutes. 

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