Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Annual Nationals Baseball Game

Growing up, baseball was a big deal in my house. My brother was a left handed pitcher and was drafted out of high school by the Baltimore Orioles. The game was always on TV in our house, and still is. Since those days, I don't go to any sports games any more - except one time a year. We go to a Nationals baseball game with my brother, his wife, and my sister. Last night was the night, and it felt more like football weather than baseball. By the end of the game we were freezing, and had our windbreakers zipped and tied from top to bottom.  I'm glad I brought gloves and socks. The Nationals even won. But it's not so much about going to watch the game, but to go because my brother loves it.  It was a big deal then, and is a big deal now - once a year. 

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