Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Civil War Hospital in Our Backyard

After watching the movie "Glory" in 1989, I was very much interested to reconnect to anything Civil War. Growing up, we traveled all along the eastern seaboard from New England to the south visiting a lot of these historical destinations. My father, brother, and sister loved it. My mother didn't. It was my declared major in college, but that soon changed when I became practical and nursing took its place. As it so happens, Milwaukee had the second oldest Civil War Round Table and I became a member because we unknowingly mentioned an interest in it to the brother of the then President at the time. In fact, one if the members was the son of a Civil War Veteran! It lasted for 17 years, going to dinner meetings at the Wisconsin club, attending Civil War Harvest Balls, and meeting folks from all different backgrounds. I especially liked Civil War medicine. Since we moved to Capitol Hill, we have only been to a handful of places. But we are surrounded by them here. Right down the street from us in Providence “X” Park is the site where a Civil War hospital once stood. Last year, we visited Clara Barton’s home in Glen Echo, and I ended up sketching and showing two digital art pieces celebrating her anniversary. Isn’t that always how it goes – you want to visit the places that are not anywhere near you. And sometimes the best spots are right in your back yard. 

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